perjantai 15. tammikuuta 2010

Lisää kuvia - More pictures

Lissu toivoi lisää kuvia nukkekodistani ja nythän se olikin helppo toteuttaa ilman luonnonvaloakin. Tässä ensin kolme kuvaa makuuhuoneesta. Huone on pääosin valmis, vain katto-ja lattialistat puuttuvat sekä ovi. Pikkuesineitä voi tietysti lisätä loputtomasti.

Lissu wished for more pictures of my Dollhouse and now it was easy do even without the natural sun light. Master bedroom is basically ready except for skirtings and door. Of course I can always add new little ornaments. The picture above the fireplace is a souvenier My little sister got me from Chicago Dollhouse store "Think Small". I just love Monet's Water Lilies. I have made most of the items myself or I have collected them during the years or gotten them from my dear miniaturist friends. The mat is the second doll house mat I have ever made and I still like it a lot.

I have made the fire place, the bed, the dressing table and wash-stand myself. I have also made the chair from a unexpensive doll house furniture by changing the legs and sanding the whole thing and staining it with diluted acrylic paint. The round table in the middle is from a McQueen kit. I really love those McQueen kits. They are just the easiest to assemble and I love the wood. The wardrobe is also an unexpensive doll house furniture I just sanded and stained with diluted acrylic paint.
This is a picture of the only finished room in my Dollhouse. It has a window, door and skirtings in place. I made the door myself and it looks quite convincing. It is a working door of course. Most of the stuff is selfmade. The baby carriage is bought from a skillful Finnish Miniatyrist Anna-Liisa Soikka from a Doll and Teddy Bear Festival last December.
There are quite many things that I have gotten from my friends in swaps. For example the picture above the fireplace, the Rabbit pillow, the Beatrix Potter book, knitted socks and the doll beside the old nanny.

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The bedroom is beautiful - I love that green fabric.