perjantai 5. lokakuuta 2012

Ostoksia - Purchases

 We have a market place for miniatures in the net. I bought these tiny Angry Birds there. They are for my miniature son, who loves Angry Birds as much as my real son.

A better picture of a railway I have bought from Titta. I have a bag like that in real life and I used to carry all baby stuff etc in it this summer.

Some of my purchases. Doesn't my son look happy to have an Angry Bird and one of his favorite books: Tatu ja Patu työn touhussa (Tatu and Patu working). If any one can wink were I could get a tiny dinosaur or fabric with tiny pictures of dinosaurs I would be most thankful.

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Giac kirjoitti...

Hello Nasu,
You certainly chose some great pieces. I'm glad you son is happy.