tiistai 9. huhtikuuta 2013

Kirjaston verhot - Curtains in the Study

Kirjastossa on verhot. Muistin jopa liimata ikkunan lasin paikoilleen ennen verhojen kiinnitystä.

There are curtains in the study. I even remembered to glue the window glass in place before I put up the curtains. 

3 kommenttia:

Elizabeth S kirjoitti...

Hello Nasu! I think that your curtains in the study turned out very well! What did you do about the other curtains in the other room that you needed to make another pair of but had run out of fabric? Did that get resolved or are you still waiting on it?


Giac kirjoitti...

Hello Nasu,
Those curtains are so elegant and well done. Beautiful work. the fabric looks wonderful in the room.
Big hug,

Nasu kirjoitti...

Thank you Elizabeth and Giac! I am really excited about making these curtains. And luckily I found more blue silk and right colored picot-ribbon, so I made another pair of curtains for the nursery.