lauantai 29. elokuuta 2009

Piha - Yard

I have made the front yard paving from air-drying clay which I painted several times with different shades of gray and brown. I am going to put some moss between the stones. I have made the round table myself as well as the crocheted table cloth on it. Chairs are from Indiska and I only dirtied them to make them look old.
A friend miniatyrist sent me some crab printed placemats, apron and hats. So I had to lay the table with them even though I did not have any crabs to serve yet. People have "crab parties" in August here, where they serve crabs, toast with dill-butter and schnaps.
Some of the flowers are made by me. Violets and geraniums beside it are made by a skillful Finnish miniatyrist Katriina from whom I have also bought a kit to make those beautiful hortensias (?). Sushi is made by Tellu. Rooster and chicken are made by Hanna. Flowerstand is also made by Katriina and I got it in Valentine's Day Swap. Both flowers in it are made by Finnish miniatyrists.

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Eija kirjoitti...

Lovely as always. Is it so that you only use English in your blog nowadays? I managed to get mini crayfish for mhy table ;D. Knowing your talents I suppose you can managed to make them your self!
No niin, sujuuhan tää vieraallakin kielellä näköjään. Pitää opetella aikamoisen erikoinen sanasto, että pärjää minimaailmassa!

Nasu kirjoitti...

I am going to write the entries in both Finnish and English but I did not have time to do this entry in both languages.

Aion kirjoittaa tekstit sekä suomeksi että englanniksi, mutta nyt ei ollut aikaa kirjoittaa molemmilla kielillä.