perjantai 16. huhtikuuta 2010

New clocks - Uusi kelloja

I promiset to tell you which materials I have used to make these clocks.

You will need a base. Mine is a metal medicine bottle cap I got from a friend. Then I have filled the cap with air-drying clay to make the clock heavier. Then you will need a dollhouse doorhandle, 5 short pins, an eye (cut out the clear part) and two of those metallic things on the left and a print of a clock face.
The idea of making a clock is not mine, but Brita offered us these materials and ideas at our dollhouse club meeting. Also Maria has made beautiful clocks.

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Norma Bennett kirjoitti...

Thank you very much for this information, I'm definately going to try making some.

And thankou also for the inks to the other blogs, I will take a look at them now :)

Norma Bennett kirjoitti...

Nasu, I have posted a link on my blog to Maria's tutorial, and also here to your blog for your tutorial about how you make your clocks. I hope you will get a lot of new visitors :)

Flora kirjoitti...

Hello Nasu. I'm your new followers. Your blog is very nice, the alarm clock beautiful! Thanks for the explanation.
A hug
Come see me :-)