sunnuntai 26. syyskuuta 2010

Arvoitus - Puzzle

Mitä tapahtuu?

What is happening?
I finally having the facade for my victorian house. My dad built the plywood house 1998 and I have had those plywood pieces for the facade at least two years now. Now I finally had the courage to hinge them with piano hinges. Now I am wallpapering the facade walls and painting window frames.

But I am glad I have been waiting for this long. Now I am more skilled with wood-work than ten years ago. And I luckily had all wall-papers left and I had bought enough tile paper from London year 1999!

The reason I got the facade finally built is my new doll house Pigletton. I have to think carefully (hopefully not ten years this time) how to decorate the house and where to put the lights at etc.

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Maria Jose kirjoitti...

Tu casa es ENORME !!!

Flora kirjoitti...

You're going as fast as a train! And how beautiful your home ...
Glimpse of the environments interesting! In the kitchen, you put tiles of Delft?
Nice wallpaper, the exterior and all the chimneys positioned as in ancient dollshouses.
I can not wait to see the details :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

Heidi kirjoitti...

Onpas hienoja huoneita valmistunu :O)

Nasu kirjoitti...

Well. This is my big victorian house. I started to build it 1998..So now I am finally making the opening facade for it. And I have actually had those plywood facades for two years now. Now I finally had the courage to hinge them and hang them and now I am wall- papering. The tile paper is bought from London 1999!
So I am not going fast :)

My Pigletton house is on a break while I am waiting for my wall paper order and gaining courage to put electricity in it. But this time it will not take 11 years!

Unknown kirjoitti...

Muy buena idea la bisagra de piano.
Muy bien empapelado. Si, piensa bien las luces donde van. Vendré a tu blog para ver los avances.
Besos Clara

Romulus kirjoitti...

Vau! Se oli jo aiemmin siisti mutta nyt siitä tulee tosi hieno!

Antonia kirjoitti...

Tosi nätti! Voisitko laittaa upeaan blogiisi ohjeita miten voi tehdä nukkekodin keittiöön ihania mini purkkeja ja purnukoita?

Glenda kirjoitti...

It's beautifully finished with the wallpapers and colours!
It's also quite large . . . it would take me years to finish!!

Nasu kirjoitti...

Antonia: Yritän saada tehty ohjeita purkkeihin yms. Nyt purkit on pahvilaatikoissa, joten laitan ensin nuo etuseinät kuntoon ja sitten laitan kaikki kalusteet ja tavarat paikoilleen. Siinä on hyvä tilaisuus kuvata esineitä ohjeitakin varten.

Eija kirjoitti...

Having seen this vicotorian house "live" I must admit that the front makes it even better. Beautiful!